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Fundraising Campaign: Coops & SDGs 2030

Fundraising Campaign: Coops & SDGs 2030

The ICA has drafted a multiannual initiative on co-operatives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Click here to read it. 

As three years have already passed since the adoption of the SDGs by the UN General Assembly, it is becoming urgent for the cooperative movement to fully explore this unprecedented opportunity. The voice of co-operatives needs to be heard and their contribution to our common future felt and recognized. To do this, our global movement will need to have many activities including monitoring, statistics, awareness-raising, position papers, reports, training tools, experts, and a certification system.

The ICA is envisioning building a combination of:

  • statistical work,
  • monitoring the actions of the co-operative movement in this field,
  • an awareness-raising campaign,
  • ICA positions on various SDGs,
  • a series of reports,
  • methodological and training tools,
  • the establishment of an expert group, and
  • preparatory work towards a certification system on the co-operatives and the SDGs.

It all depends on our joint efforts! ICA members asked to support and help by providing seed funding to start this initiative. 

You can find more information on the Initiative, as well as to download the fundraising document here.

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